You Saw It First: Sunday Playlist 

happy Sun(Mon)day! this may be a little late to the party, but don’t worry. today is a double-post day, starting with today’s Sunday Playlist. combining some Tennis, future bass, as well as some newer tunes, here’s what I’ve listened to this past week.

Featured Tunes: 

Trap House // Beat Connection
Colors // Boombox Cartel
Curious // Ark Patrol, Victoria Zero
Matrimony // Tennis
Know Me Better // Mura Masa feat. Bonzai
Neon City // Bass Science
Better Left Unsaid // Stoop Kids
Youth (feat. Satica) // Manila Killa
Kishi Kaisei // Heartsrevolution
Saturday Morning Space Ride // Hyper Potions feat. Stephen Walking
Sick Sad World // Crater
I Live Above the Hobby Shop // McFabulous
After the Disco // Broken Bells
Wait Out // Ghost Suns
Friend // DZZ


Published by: thewayback4something

what i lack in the ability to compose music, i make up for with my love howdy, Laia here. i started this on a whim and at the behest of one of my best friends, as well as to find a reason to share my love and thoughts on music with everyone else in the world. (( also totally not a reason to share my playlists )) this blog will feature quite a range of genres in musicians and bands, whether up-and-coming, already out there, or haven't even been conceived of yet. also included with be minor life updates, embarrassing playlist tributes to my favorite ships, as well as why this song fits this character better than the other. no, i didn't mention that i've preserved a universe that's still in the works, but there's that too. anyways, hopefully there's something for you here- on the way back to think of, to look into, and finally to enjoy. thanks for checking in x

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