Thursday Variety: Future Bass

future bass

The future is (future) bass. Literally.

There’s a quality to electronic music that’s always enraptured me in a way that other genres, other instruments haven’t (or have– in different ways). Future bass is an excellent example; although it hasn’t been the first time I’ve listened to the genre, it’s changed me and my perspective on it since I heard artist DZZ’s Friend. The jolly whistles accompanied by equally whimsical beats gave an almost retro feel à la Porter Robinson that I didn’t expect (but certainly welcomed) the erratic bass. I’ve noticed that future bass has done that quite a bit within songs like Boombox Cartel’s Colors or Of The Trees’s Hall of Osiris (‘Duat’ is a great album- which I’ll be featuring next week!), while DJs like Mura Masa and Hyper Potions stick to familiar sounds and beats but stay innovative and, frankly, killer. 

This playlist- which, for the record, will be pretty updated constantly- contains songs that represent future bass and those that are personal favorites. And yes, this playlist is also labeled “bath time” because future bass has so far been the best type of music to shower with. Nice.

Spotify recommended 

Featured Songs 

Indian Summer //  Jai Wolf
Colors // Boombox Cartel
Friend // DZZ
Hex // Ark Patrol
U // Mura Masa
Helix // Robokid
Rabbit Hole // ANIMAL HACK
Saturday Morning Space Ride // Hyper Potions
Feather of Truth (Alejo Remix) // Of The Trees
Youth (feat. SATICA) // Manila Killa
Mind Tricks // G Jones
Athene // Glass Arrowhead




Published by: thewayback4something

what i lack in the ability to compose music, i make up for with my love howdy, Laia here. i started this on a whim and at the behest of one of my best friends, as well as to find a reason to share my love and thoughts on music with everyone else in the world. (( also totally not a reason to share my playlists )) this blog will feature quite a range of genres in musicians and bands, whether up-and-coming, already out there, or haven't even been conceived of yet. also included with be minor life updates, embarrassing playlist tributes to my favorite ships, as well as why this song fits this character better than the other. no, i didn't mention that i've preserved a universe that's still in the works, but there's that too. anyways, hopefully there's something for you here- on the way back to think of, to look into, and finally to enjoy. thanks for checking in x

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